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The Hong Kong Baptist University

Botanical Laboratory & Greenhouse

Silver Award, Outstanding Green Project Awards 2000, HKSAR

The greenhouse and botanical laboratory is specially designed for the Faculty of Science. It provides a controlled environment in lighting, temperature and humidity for the conducting of experiments on plants. The designed parameter specified is very difficult to achieve under the tropical climate of Hong Kong. Quite different from its counterparts in the cooler part of the world, excessive sunlight and heat gain during the long summer months posed the major design constraint for this “glass box”. We have studied very carefully the annual sun path in order to determine the layout and configuration of the steel-structured building. Electrically controlled sunshadingdevices in the shape of sails are employed to provide different degrees of sunshade around the year. A specially designed air-conditioning system further helps to control the humidity and temperature within the designated experiment parameter.

Client: The Hong Kong Baptist University

Project: Botanical Laboratory & Greenhouse

Location: Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Completion: 1999

Green House 2002 A3.jpg
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