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Conversion of ex-Sai Kung Central Primary School



Green Building Award 2021 - Merit Award

Sai Kung Central Primary School was constructed in the 1980s, serving students of Sai Kung and its neighbouring rural communities. Adjacent to Ho Chung River’s estuary, the site commands a magnificent view. The vacant school dilapidated rapidly since 2007. Under the re-utilization programme of vacant school buildings, Haven of Hope Christian Services was commissioned by the Social Welfare Department to “bring a new life” to the complex by transforming it into a combined social welfare facility consisting of DAC, HSMH and RCHE.


The project team took an alternative rejuvenation approach by integrating the scenic greenery with the services needs of RCHE and HSMH through the Five Green Oasis.


The abandoned roof top and basketball court have been turned into therapeutic terraces and herbal gardens. Over 40 dilapidating trees are re-provisioned by natively adapted species. The integration of anti-flooding seawall helps create a riverside promenade.


The whole complex is re-layout through passive design to overcome issues of traffic noise nuisance from Hiram’s Highway, river floods, and westerly sun exposure. Using a multi-layered approach, all the dormitories and living quarters orientate towards the scenic sea view, while new lift shafts, corridors and AC platforms block out the afternoon sun and traffic noise.


Reprovision of sewage treatment plant ensures effluent water quality meets the river coastal protection zone standards, whilst modified old fence walls serve as noise barriers. Echoing the community embracing direction of the building, a simple but iconic façade treatment has been adopted for the mid-life rejuvenation of the school building.

Client: Haven of Hope Christian Services

Commissioned by: Social Welfare Department
Project: Conversion of ex-Sai Kung Central Primary School into Social Welfare Complex 
Location: Sai Kung

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