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The Hong Kong Baptist University
Crop Science Laboratory
香港浸會大學 植物實驗室

Finalist in HKIA Special Award 2023 - Heritage and Adaptive Re-use

Green Building Award 2023 Finalist

Three generations of advanced academic research facilities have served the Department of Biology, HKBU since1990. The Science Tower and the Botanical Laboratory have provided research and development facilities forstudents for three decades. The latest addition to the family is the research and development Crop ScienceLaboratory which supports more advanced research and provides precise controlled environment forexperiments.

To address this need, the project team adopted a holistic approach which integrates research facilities withgreenery, recreation, and research farming areas to create a unique social interaction space that is bothscientifically functional and socially embracing.

The new Crop Science Lab incorporates active and passive design elements, including low-E glass, green roofs,and a smart system that effectively reduces excessive radiation and minimizes energy consumption bycontrolling temperature, humidity, and lighting for optimal plant growth and research.

Additionally, the lab features air-quality improvement Photovoltaic (AIPV) technology on the glass roof and windturbines on the rooftop garden, which generates green energy and enhances zero carbon emissions targets. Thevertical green wall, which also serves as a noise barrier, is equipped with a recycled irrigation water system thatconserves water consumption and reduces waste water. The vertical green wall also provides a simple but iconicfacade treatment that ensures a controlled environment for scientific research and development of the newresearch lab and creates a green oasis in the HKBU urban campus

Client: The Hong Kong Baptist University
Project: Botanical Laboratory & Greenhouse
Location: Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Completion: 2023

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