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Caritas Jockey Club Institute of Community Education – Tsuen Wan
and Caritas Jockey Club Tsuen Wan Clinic ( Medical & Dental)

明愛賽馬會社區教育中心 - 荃灣及明愛賽馬會荃灣診所(西醫及牙醫)

Green Building Award 2012, Grand Award

A 50 years old clinic building is being refurbished in a green and sustainable manner to provide training facilities for the neighborhood.


Full range of environmentally sustainable features have been incorporated, including green walls, wind-generated power supply, solar panels, roof gardens and re-generable sun shadings, to ensure the provision of comfortable and green environment to the neighboring community.

Client: Caritas, Hong Kong
Project: Sustainable Continue Education Centre
Location: Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan
Completion: 2011

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